Peyton Sawyer Fan Club

Because people either hate her or love her. And we love her!

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The Peyton Sawyer Fan Club

Welcome to the Newly Opened Peyton Sawyer Fanclub in LiveJournal!

1) No drama among members, please.
2) Any icon post should only contain ONE teaser. Anything higher may cause post deletion. :(
3) Keep posts about Hilarie Burton/Peyton Sawyer coming. Any juicy tidbits are always welcome.
4) Make an introduction post so the members can give you a warm welcome!

I guess that's it. I suppose if Peyton Sawyer was here, she'd just say screw the rules, make good friends and have a hell lot of fun! This is a Peyton Sawyer Fan Club. You're free to do any artistic expressions here. ;)


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