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LP picspam

Possible spoilers if you haven't seen up to 6x13.

For any of you that know me/know of my ships, this may seem highly strange. I have been a Brucas fan since the beginning and while i occasionally enjoyed some of their scenes, I only liked them as friends & just couldn't stand them as a couple. I've come to the conclusion that this probably had more to do with certain peoples attitudes turning me off them, more so than them as a couple.

I'm still finding it quite strange to like them so much, but i do and i don't care what anyone thinks! {I still count Brucas as my #1 couple though so no bashing please!}

PEYTON: How you feeling?
LUCAS: Okay I guess. And not so okay.
PEYTON: Me too. (they both walk outside and sit on the porch) Lucas

LUCAS: Peyton
PEYTON: When I saw you lying there in the hospital right after the accident all I could think about was how my mom wasn’t was luck as you. And then I remembered, after she died, it was Brooke who was there for me. We were just little kids and she would come over, every single day, to make sure I was okay. She’s been my best friend ever since.
LUCAS: Well life’s short, Peyton.
PEYTON: Too short to live it as a bad person. I cant betray her, Lucas.
LUCAS: You mean even more than we already have. (She gets up to leave) Peyton. I’m sorry.
PEYTON: Me too. But it‘s better this way, right?
LUCAS: Yeah.
(she walks away starting to cry)

LUCAS: I've been waiting for you.
PEYTON: I think we've waited long enough.

[Peyton jumps on the bed and falls on Lucas as a maid walks in]
Maid at Hotel: Oh excuse me!
Peyton: It's okay we're getting married! [maid leaves] Um okay, so you know how you said our wedding should be a dream come true?
Lucas: Oh boy!
Peyton: Now, I know I never wanted my wedding to be princess for a day but,I would like it if your mom was there and [cell phone ringing] It's Brooke, can I tell her?
Lucas: Sure, you can tell her we're coming home for the ceremony.
[Peyton squeals as she answers her cell phone]
Peyton: Hey best friend!
Brooke: Hey, you didn't come home last night?
Peyton: Oh yeah, that's cuz I'm in LA with Lucas, and we want you to be the first to know, we're getting married!

Peyton: I'm not sure that I can call you my fiance anymore. 'Cause I was thinking maybe I would start calling you my baby daddy.
Lucas: Are we... ?
Peyton: I'm having your baby, Lucas Scott. Our baby. We're pregnant. And I hope, I know it's sudden, but I just really want you to be okay with it because I'm very, very okay with it. And it's early, I mean, it's too early, too early to even tell anybody. I just...
Lucas: I love you. I love you, Peyton.
Peyton: I love you, too.

♥I took the time to put these images together and achieve the coloring I wanted so please don't steal them! If you would like to use any of the images, please, PLEASE, just ask me first!

♥Comments are loved!

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